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November 2010

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A Simple Guide To Healthcare Reform

"Health Reform Hits Main Street" is a short cartoon presented by the Kaiser Family Foundation that takes the 2,500 pages of the healthcare reform law and explains it in a simple and humorous way. While far from comprehensive, it does a nice job of outlining the issues we face.

Healthcare Reform:  Prove It Works And Medicare Will Pay
Recent polls show that roughly half of Americans favor repealing some or all of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), presumably because they believe the law will do little to lower the cost of healthcare.  However, there are actually some elements of the law that may lead us to that end.  Buried in the new law is millions of dollars for funding Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER). In plain English, CER is a concept of paying for medical services that are proven cost effective.  This article is a nice summary of a concept that holds real promise for reducing the cost of care.

Introducing the New LSA Website!!
Take a look at our new website!  It was designed with "you" in mind.  With our new website you can:
 – Research and apply for Individual & Family Insurance online
 – Look up doctors and facilities for your insurance companies
 – Find answers to many of your insurance questions
 – Access past LSA Newsletters
 – And much more information
Take a quick "test drive" by clicking the link below.