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June 2010

June 25, 2010 by  
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Choosing The Right Deductible
One of the most common employer strategies to control the cost of medical insurance is to change the plan deductible. Our friends at Providence Health Plan have compiled some interesting data about what raising your deductible means to your employees. Their numbers seem to support what we at LSA have observed; that 80% of employees will utilize less than $1,000 in healthcare in any given year and that 20% of a population will account for roughly 80% of the overall claims.

Choosing the Right Deductible

Medical Home: Reinventing Primary Care
We're often asked what real healthcare reform might look like. A good start would be any regulation or change that eliminates waste and redundancy within the current healthcare delivery system. The "Medical Home" model is gaining popularity and may hold some potential for reducing healthcare costs. A recent article in American Medical News outlines this interesting concept.

Medical Home Article

Five Painful Healthcare Lessons from Massachusetts
The best guide to how President Obama's historic healthcare legislation will reshape the nation's medical marketplace and fiscal future is the pioneering model in Massachusetts. The Bay State's reform program started in late 2006, and it shares virtually all the major features of the new federal plan.

Lessons from Massachusetts

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