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April 2010

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Healthcare Reform Implementation Timeline
If you're feeling confused about health reform, you are not alone. Although the rules for the new health reform law are still being written, here is a basic summary of what is included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Also included is a very helpful link to the IRS site which will help our under 25 employee clients determine whether or not you are eligible for the small employer tax credit for funding employee healthcare. Prudence would also dictate you consult your tax advisor for help in determining your eligibility.

Happening Now, In 2010

Oregon Offers Healthcare Subsidy for Children
At least some portion of the seemingly endless rate increases sustained by most employers goes to fund social programs. The Oregon Healthy Kids (OHK) program is an outreach program funded, in part, by employer premiums. OHK is currently enrolling at either full or partial subsidy, uninsured children under the age of 19, who reside in Oregon and whose parents earn less than 300% of the federal poverty level. Included below is a very useful link that you may want to pass along to your employees for their reference. Of course you may ask Larry Sherwood & Associates for guidance.

Oregon Healthy Kids

Wellness Resources on Steroids
Employee wellness programs are gaining in popularity. For years they have been the privilege and expectation of very large corporations. Now however, with credits and grants under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act small employers are getting into the act. Although not traditionally an 'insured' benefit, we at LSA have experience with and can guide you through the design and implementation of these plans. The attached website offers some great information and printable materials to either start or supplement your wellness initiatives.

Free Wellness Library

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